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The decision to undergo plastic surgery is one of the most personal you'll ever make. Its successful outcome depends not only on the excellence and experience of your surgeon, but also on the level of communication between you and your doctor. That's why Dr. Gaon believes in taking all the time that's needed to thoroughly understand and address each patient's unique concerns and objectives.

Dr. Avro Gaon has been providing aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgical procedures for thirty years and practices at his state of the art facility in Newport Beach, Ca. He also offers a variety of non surgical techniques designed to improve the way you look and feel. Dr. Gaon, is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery ( ) and he is an active member of both The American Society of Plastic Surgeons ( ) and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ( )

For Dr. Gaon, as well as for his patients, the most fundamental and essential goal of any procedure is the naturalness of the result. Achieving this outcome in plastic surgery requires the ability to combine art with science and to unite aesthetics with medical expertise. Drawing on his extensive training and experience and utilizing the newest surgical techniques and technology, Dr. Gaon is able to accomplish this goal.

Dr. Gaon and his skilled personable staff are dedicated to providing an extremely high standard of care for all our patients. We do our utmost to make certain that what you decide is the right choice for you.